Promotional emails

MarkLines promotional emails service offers targeted distribution of information (new products and technology announcements, company news, and more) to potential customers in management positions at nearly 3,000 member companies.

Characteristics and advantages

■A high number of views

Promotional emails are provided on an opt-in basis, where users choose to receive them in order to get information on subjects like products, technology, and services. Because of this, companies can expect a high number of views by interested parties for emails that will lead to further inquiries. Moreover, to increase the number of matches, customers who opt to receive promotional emails are asked to select the categories they are interested in.

PR Mail

■E-mails are primarily sent to automakers and parts suppliers

MarkLines members include every OEM and in Japan, and suppliers of all sizes, in numerous fields.

■The main companies using the Information Platform

○All Japanese OEMs use our service

○Around 600 Japanese parts suppliers use MarkLines

○The top 30 Japanese parts makers are members

○ Companies that do business in a wide range of fields, from engines and steering, to car bodies and interior parts, are using MarkLines

■Over 80,000 registered users

A large number of staff at OEMs and parts makers involved in selecting suppliers for parts, products, and services elect to receive promotional emails. It is also possible to select categories for sending emails as well.

Information Platform user breakdown

Process for sending Promotion Emails

Download the application form and send it to MarkLines by FAX.

We will provide IDs and passwords by email. Use these to login from the designated page.

Create promotional emails

Usage Fees

The promotional email service uses a ticket system

■Fees for general emails (no recipient designation)

Number of ticketsNumber of emails PriceExpiration date
1 10,000 4,000 EUR 3 months
4,500 USD
2 20,000 7,100 EUR 3 months
8,100 USD
3 30,000 9,500 EUR 6 months
10,900 USD
4 40,000 11,100 EUR 6 months
12,700 USD

When recipients are designated, 5,000 emails can be sent with one ticket

Customers who already have tickets


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