Product Publicity Service

Promote products and services on the MarkLines website The information gains greater exposure to potential clients, and effectively creates new business opportunities.

Characteristics and advantages

■Information Platform users can easily learn about your products

The product information will be posted not only on the top page, but also in various places on all of the content pages so that a large number of users will see it on a daily basis.

■Users are on the lookout for suppliers

A link to the "Find Suppliers" page is on the same content menu as the links to pages including supplier information, the search system and vehicle production data.
Customers who visit the site actively use "Find Suppliers" and are strongly motivated to connect with new business partners.

" Find Suppliers " Section

■More page views than your company website

It is often the case that an internet search engine will list pages that use more of the same keywords higher in the results. The Information Platform gathers auto industry keywords for products and technology, so your company will receive greater exposure than your website provides.

■A one-two punch with promotional emails

This service becomes even more effective when used together with the LINES promotional email service. Product publicity and a link to page with more information can be incorporated into the emails, which will serve to further increase the exposure of your company to interested parties.

■The main companies using the Information Platform

○All Japanese OEMs use our service

○Around 800 Japanese parts suppliers use MarkLines

○Companies that do business in a wide range of fields, from engines and steering, to car bodies and interior parts, are using MarkLines

■Information Platform user breakdown

Process for Creating Product Information

Fill out the application form and send it to MarkLines by FAX or email.

We will provide IDs and passwords by email. Use these to login from the designated page.

Post product and technology information

Usage Fees
Up to 10 posts 1,600 EUR/year
1,800 USD/year
Up to 20 posts 2,800 EUR/year
3,200 USD/year
Up to 30 posts 4,000 EUR/year
4,500 USD/year
Up to 40 posts 4,800 EUR/year
5,400 USD/year